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Why Go?

What are you doing this summer?

Band camp? Family vacation? Catching up on all the cartoons that you have missed since you had to sit in school for like 9 hours a day?

Or…will you do something way more exciting?

This summer, you can take a trip to the Philippines where you can have a chance to pray for some families who are battling abuse. Provide some meals to someone who hasn't seen a full plate in weeks, months, or maybe years. Help families who have lost their homes due to floods and earthquakes.

You can take a trip this summer and get outside of your comfort zone and serve in the majestic country of the Philippines along side the poor of the poor.

So Why Go?

Because when you go back to school in the fall…you will have awesome stories to tell. You will get to tell how you got to sit down with a homeless man and share Jesus and see a new light fill this man's soul. You got to see his eyes light up like never before. Because you got to hold the hand of a woman and her 5 year old son and tell them that things are going to get better. You can visit the city dump and tell about the hope and joy that exists through knowing Jesus!!

So Why Go?

Because this summer, God is calling you to do some amazing things. He is inviting you to join him in the Philippines. So…wanna go?

Click here to start the process of joining God in the awesome work He is doing in the Philippines this summer!!!