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A Rescued Hope

Living in America means at birth we are already granted many realities to us that someone born elsewhere may not automatically be granted.

In America, we get freedom of speech. The right to vote. The ability to choose what religion we want to follow, if any at all. We have options. We are not stuck in a caste system nor do we have a predetermined fate handed to us.

Yet, many places all around the world do not have the liberties we have. Many are born into caste systems where there is no chance what so ever in gaining social status. Some are born into the peasant class and are going to have to serve there their whole lives.

Some are born into slavery. Some are born into abuse. Some are born into poverty. Some are born into a life of no hope.

In the Philippines, it is very easy to be born into a life of difficulty and turmoil. So many people in the Philippines live on less than $2 a day and struggle to live day to day. They are born into slavery and poverty and that becomes their reality.

In the Philippines, hope is being restored. Hope is being rescued. Hope is being planted into the young children and fostered so that as they grow, hope grows. 

Adventures In Missions partners with Kids International Missions to help bring hope to the Philippines. We come along side all of the amazing things that are happening in greater Manila and help provide the man power to bring the Light and Hope to the people of a country that is searching.

You can join us in bringing that Hope. Everyday people are searching; walking the streets, crying out in their houses, searching high and low for something that shows them the promise of things greater.

In July, you could join Encounter in the Philippines and do just that. You could help to bring the promise of hope to life. If you are interested in doing just that, in being the hands and feet of Jesus, Click Here!! We also serve elsewhere all over the world: Here your opportunities abound. 

Join us in July and help Adventures and KIM in rescuing hope that has been lost by so many Filipinos!!