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Putting Families First


Family trips are an awesome opportunity for parents, children, relatives and more to join together to serve those less fortunate, both domestic and abroad. Adventures is one of only a handful of organizations that offer family trips, and we solidly believe in the importance of families doing missions together.



Tim Schmoyer is a top-rated youth ministry blogger. He recently wrote this blog post after a trip with AIM to Haiti. Below is an excerpt from his blog post that highlights a few reasons why you should consider a family (intergenerational) trip this summer!


Here are just a couple reasons why the intergenerational trips seem to be so much more effective both on the mission field and at home.

  • There's built-in accountability for both the kids and the parents when they return home.
  • The spiritual high doesn't wear off nearly as quickly when both the parent and the student are living with someone who knows what the other just went through..
  • They return to a home to live with someone who "gets it." There's no conversations like, "How was your trip?" "Good." "What did you do?" "Nothing."
  • The perception of missions in the church moves away from "something cute the youth do" and becomes something the church takes ownership over.
  • The shared experience is something the teens and parents will have in common for the rest of their lives. It's fun to watch that special bond form. The "remember when" stories will never end.
  • When both the student and parent are uncomfortable and stretched physically, spiritually, and emotionally, they tend to cling to each other while depending on God. That dynamic is absolutely invaluable.
  • Every teen needs to see their parent stretched and vulnerable. Missions (when done well) has a tendency to do that. When the kid sees that vulnerability in their parent, a connection takes place that is amazing to watch.
  • It's a significant opportunity to integrate teens into the life of the church body as a whole. It helps break down the youth ministry silo.
  • Parents develop a deep respect for their kids when they watch them serving so selflessly.

And so much more, like relationships between parents and single young adults, young adults on the teens, and more. I even gained some committed youth leaders who normally would never have attended a trip except that it was a church trip and not a youth trip.


This summer you have the opportunity to gather up the kids, join the grandparents, and serve hand in hand with one another. You will see your kids grow exponentially in their spiritual walk. You may hear them pray for the first time out loud, for a homeless man, or see them freely give hugs to residents of an elderly home. The children will watch their parents and other adults serve and worship in a way that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on their lives.


So much happens on a family mission trip.

So much God happens on a family mission trip.

This summer, your family can change the world. Check out our family trip offerings this summer by clicking here.


Your journey begins now!