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Community Cords

As we travel to places all over the world, it is important to keep your eyes on the goal.

It isn't about getting to experience a new culture. Or a new language. Or a new cuisine. It isn't about getting a new passport stamp so that you can knock off one more country on your list.

The end goal is bringing Kingdom to those who need it so badly.

Even though we may only be in a country for 7 days or so at a time, lasting impacts happen.

Community Cords was birthed out of an idea that a mother and daughter had while they visited the Philippines. They stayed with K.I.M. for a short time and wanted to help find a way for woman to make a sustainable income so that they could help feed their kids as well as get them an education. Thus Community Cords.

This is a story about the first woman who started making the Community Cords so she could take care of her family:

Community Cords

The Ties That Bind

Sally is a single mother of 3 kids who lives in Cuatro, Greater Manila, Philippines. She lives at home with her 2 younger children and cannot afford to send her kids to school, let alone able to feed her children on a daily basis. Through Community Cords she now has the ability to stay at home and take care of her son and daughter while earning a living wage to better provide for their welfare. Sally now can feed her family, save money for a brighter future, and provide education for her children.

By purchasing a bracelet through Community Cords, you are empowering the women of the Cuatro community to be able to take care of themselves and their families in an effort to break the cycle of poverty. You are helping pregnant women buy prenatal vitamins. You are helping abused women find independence. You are helping young women create healthy and safe employment for themselves.

Your participation in Community Cords creates a connection between you and the community of Cuatro; The Ties That Bind.


You too can have a lasting impact on the Phillipines by visiting. Anywhere you go, you can always have a lasting impact. Pay attention to the end goal; Bring Kingdom To Earth!! Click here to see all of our trips that are coming up and see where you can have a lasting impact!


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