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In My Own Words, A Guest Blog From A Participant

In three short weeks, Adventures Encounter participant Abi Adeyeye fell in love with her time serving Kids International Ministries and writes about it below.

"For you were called to be free brothers; only do not use this freedom as an opportunity for the flesh. But to serve one another through  LOVE." -Galatians 5:13


This summer, I was able to spend three weeks in Manila doing ministry with Kids International Ministries. KIM is an organization dedicated to improving the lifestyle of its surrounding communities through service and conscious spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Within KIM there are different compartments: a children's home, school, a dental clinic, a woman's wellness clinic and a girl's home. Through our time at KIM, I saw God move in many different ways; I saw him heal the sick, provide food for the hungry, restore faith in the doubters and bestow joy in the midst of desperation.

I was reminded each day of his amazing grace and that we are all to live a life like he did, a life of love, care and servitude.


The biggest mistake we as Christians make is to assume that the gospel is limited to word of mouth, but on the contrary, our entire lives should be a testament to his grace through the service and love that we reign on each other.


Part of our ministry was to take food to communities where it is sometimes impossible for the people to have access to food daily. KIM coordinates feedings twice a day at 9 am and 4 pm. Each time is designated for a specific community. During these feedings were able to interact with the people not only by serving them food but by playing with the kids, praying for them, conversing with the adults and helping them see that regardless of our differences the love of God ties us together

One of the hardest times during my trip was when we did a feeding at a place called Trash Mountain. Being from a developing nation myself, I have seen a certain degree of poverty but I had never experienced it to this extent.


The people in this area live in a trash dump, and to make matters worse in the midst of this place was a wood burning site. In this place they burn wood for charcoal 24/7. The air is thick and black so it is almost impossible to breathe. This  has such devastating effects that the life expectancy of children living in trash mountain is 20 years. Despite the poverty, I managed to encounter some of the happiest people I have ever met in my life. In the midst of any circumstance, God’s grace abounds.

One of the projects that my team worked on was to clear concrete behind a school and fill it with black pebbles so the kids could have a playground. After laying the pebbles, the next step is to install swings and slides. Unfortunately, my team wasn't able to finish the project. It was a tremendous amount of hard work but God provided our team with the strength and the positive attitude needed to complete our work on the project. I trust God to send more of his people to complete it.

I also had the wonderful opportunity to teach 6th grade math and work at the dental office. My absolute favorite aspect of the trip was being with the kids- both at the young girls home and at the children's home. Being surrounded by so much innocence, children actually being children regardless of the hardship they had encountered in life, was refreshing and inspiring.

These children have left such an impact on my life and I know that God has only begun to use me for his work. I was able to experience the beauty of his artistry, union under his accord and love that exceeds all imagination. I am so thankful for all that I experienced this summer.