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Huge Smiles

When I first arrived to Tlacoban,I was surprise to see how much the Filipinos had already cleaned-up from Typhoon Yolanda.  The conditions of the houses that were affected by the typhoon were devastating.

When I first went out and talked to some of the locals, I heard some of their stories. It was so unreal. This people kept smile on their faces even though they had lost family members and were hurting in the inside.


Everyone was so nice and opened to tell us their stories; they all wanted to invite us in to their houses. Listening to the family’s stories was heartbreaking. They all went through so much.

Going out to play with the kids was amazing, I loved them all. The kids were all so energetic and were always willing to play a game.

They all always had a smile on their faces. This people showed us hope.

When doing feeding everyone really appreciated the food.  The living conditions weren’t the best, but the people had huge smiles. 

The typhoon happened 8 months ago and you could see messages saying, “Tindog Tacloban” which means Stand Up or Rise Up Tacloban. It was such an amazing experience getting to see this place and meet this entire community. I will for sure visit back one day. This people were truly the best and will forever be in my heart.  I am happy to serve.

I really loved how it was.  Everyone seemed to still believe in God even after everything that has happened.



Q= Tell me three of your favorite things (cultural, events, etc)

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